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Does your funeral home’s website work for you?

When clients enter your funeral home, you want them to be welcomed into a comfortable space where they can be helped by informed and caring people. But does your website deliver this same level of customer service? Most of your clients spend a good deal of time online. That means they have strong expectations about how websites should look and work. The reality is that many funeral home websites are outdated and fail to provide a satisfying user experience. At Lindenwood Marketing we can help. Our web design team can design and build a new website for your funeral home from the ground up.

What does a funeral home website need to do?

Every local business needs a website, and in many industries they can get by with a relatively simple site. That is no longer the case for funeral homes. Users and clients have come to expect funeral home websites that are full of information and easy to use. Your site needs to clearly list what you do: memorial services, viewings, cremation, prearrangement, etc. And it also needs to host up to date obituaries. On top of this, it ought to serve as a funeral service information resource, perhaps with resources on grief or support for families.

The best websites also load quickly, are easy to use, look great on desktops and mobile, and help to convert visitors into clients. That’s no small task. Lindenwood Marketing brings our technical know-how to build websites that outshine the competition. We create unique, fully-featured websites that are search engine optimized from the start.

Website audits

Many websites don’t need to be completely rebuilt to better serve you and your clients. In these cases, it can be more cost-effective to only redesign some parts of your website. Perhaps you need better landing pages, but your obituaries are already well-designed. Our team will create a plan that best serves your needs. We want to improve your website in the most efficient way possible. Don’t hesitate to call us for a website audit.

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James Ryan II
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Marleen Rae
Owner, Going Home Cremations | Tierra Verde, FL

Finally! A company who understands my industry. [They] have turned my business around and [are] on track to improving our leads in just 30 days.

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