Conversion Rate Optimization for Funeral Homes


Why CRO is important for funeral homes

Getting traffic to your website is only the first step to turning these visitors into clients. That’s why conversion rate optimization (CRO) for funeral homes is so important. It’s especially important in the funeral industry, where you often only have one chance to convert a lead. That’s where Lindenwood Marketing can help. We bring industry-leading practices to the funeral industry. We utilize knowledge gained from working in the most competitive industries. Then we apply it to your website to drive conversions.

How can conversion rate optimization help my funeral home?

At the most basic level, conversion rate optimization means making a website that efficiently converts leads into clients. We optimize your website to encourage visitors to call your funeral home to make arrangements or fill out a form expressing interest in prearrangement. We can also optimize for whatever action you desire. At the heart of this process is our sophisticated approach to A/B testing. We use this to constantly improve the landing pages on your website. We design pages that make it simple and easy for visitors to complete the call to action. That results in more clients that you can serve.

Landing Page Optimization

When someone reaches you through a search engine and clicks on an ad for your funeral home, you need them to go to the right landing page. Lindenwood Marketing optimizes your landing pages to make them targeted to your visitors. For example, if someone clicks on an ad for cremation, they need to be directed to a page about cremation services and not your homepage. And the cremation page needs to make it easy for them to contact you or start the arrangement process. Landing page optimization is a crucial component of an effective Google Ads/PPC strategy. That’s why we integrate this service into our Google Ads management.

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James Ryan II
Owner, Farrell-Ryan Funeral Home | Rochester, NY

I've tried a handful of SEO companies and never saw any results worth the money until I found Lindenwood Marketing. My google ads are converting, my visibility is up, and the results have been great.

Marleen Rae
Owner, Going Home Cremations | Tierra Verde, FL

Finally! A company who understands my industry. [They] have turned my business around and [are] on track to improving our leads in just 30 days.

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