Copywriting for Funeral Homes


Copywriting for Funeral Homes

Running a funeral home is big job. There are the everyday challenges of running an organization, not to mention the unpredictable nature of the work. That often means tasks like updating your website with new and engaging content get delayed or, worse yet, never get done. That’s where Lindenwood Marketing comes in. Because digital marketing for funeral homes is all we do, keeping your website up to date is our priority.

Do I need funeral home copywriting help?

You want the user experience of your website to be as good as possible. A significant portion of that experience comes down to the quality of information your website contains. We use our knowledge of the funeral industry and your specific organization to write engaging and informative content. That gives your clients the information they need and serves them better. But constantly updating your website and writing new content can be a major time commitment. Many funeral directors find that it’s a better use of their time to outsource this work to professionals like Lindenwood Marketing. Our writing service provides you with new and up to date content for your website. That way you can concentrate on serving families and running your business.

Copywriting and SEO

Great content is key to a positive user experience, but it also assists with search engine optimization (SEO). When your website features rich content that satisfies user inquiries, Google notices and moves your page up their rankings. Using an expert SEO copywriter can help to drive more organic traffic to your site. You get rewarded for providing the most useful information. That can make your site the go-to resource for funeral service information in your area.

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James Ryan II
Owner, Farrell-Ryan Funeral Home | Rochester, NY

I've tried a handful of SEO companies and never saw any results worth the money until I found Lindenwood Marketing. My google ads are converting, my visibility is up, and the results have been great.

Marleen Rae
Owner, Going Home Cremations | Tierra Verde, FL

Finally! A company who understands my industry. [They] have turned my business around and [are] on track to improving our leads in just 30 days.

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