What Can Google Ads Do for My Funeral Home?

Google is the undisputed leader in search. When people have a question or need a service, Google is the first place they turn. That means making your funeral home visible on Google needs to be a priority. The fastest way to connect more families with your funeral home is with targeted ads that show you are ready and able to serve them at their time of need. That means we show the right ad for the right person in the right place at the right time.

At Lindenwood Marketing, we are Google Ads experts. We specialize in creating highly targeted ads that put your funeral home in front of people who are searching for funeral and mortuary services. That puts you in the best position to serve more families. You’re not doing a service to families or your business if nobody can find you when an at-need case arises.

Lindenwood Marketing’s team of skilled professionals takes the burden of online marketing off of your funeral home so that you can focus on providing the best service to families in need.


Where We Come In

Running a funeral home is hard work. There are the constant pressures of dealing with grieving families, staying up to date with changing regulations and technologies, and the everyday stresses of running a business, not to mention the challenges presented by direct cremation and industry consolidation. Do you really want to add navigating the constantly shifting world of online advertising to your to-do list? That’s where we come in. We are experts in Google Ads/PPC. It’s our job to stay at the leading edge of advertising and bring cutting edge techniques to your funeral home’s online marketing. Unlike big advertising agencies who work with any client in any industry who is willing to pay, Lindenwood Marketing only serves funeral homes. That means we have unmatched knowledge of your industry and its customers.

What is PPC Advertising?

PPC is pay per click advertising. That means you only pay for the ad when someone actually clicks on it. Google Ads runs a highly sophisticated PPC advertising program that allows for extreme customization. This allows you to only run ads at certain times of day or in certain areas. Because Google Ads can be updated and changed all the time, it allows us to constantly refine and modify your funeral home’s ads so you can achieve the best results.

Local Service Ads

Your funeral home is a local business that serves a limited geographic area. Google’s Local Services Ads allow you to advertise only to the areas you actually serve. At the most basic level, this means your ads will be targeted to your general market, but that’s only the beginning. Is there a large retirement community in your area? We can specifically target your ads to just that small area. Are there certain communities that fit a demographic or socioeconomic profile that your funeral home wants to serve? We can precisely focus on these areas. Our highly targeted approach is extremely efficient and effective. That saves you money and sends more qualified leads to your website.

James Ryan II
Owner, Farrell-Ryan Funeral Home | Rochester, NY

I've tried a handful of SEO companies and never saw any results worth the money until I found Lindenwood Marketing. My google ads are converting, my visibility is up, and the results have been great.

Marleen Rae
Owner, Going Home Cremations | Tierra Verde, FL

Finally! A company who understands my industry. [They] have turned my business around and [are] on track to improving our leads in just 30 days.

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